Mike Turinsky will continue to support events that connect our multi-cultural community. Communities are better when people feel connected to each other. We need places to meet our neighbours. We need parks with fantastic walkways. We need events that get us out of our homes and into the parks and open spaces. This includes the new annual event: Christmas Wonder Park. The Burswood reserve was upgraded as well as the pathway and footbridge. In Ormiston, Mike has been advocating for a continuation of the Ormiston Family Market and supported the establishment of Flat Bush Neighbourhood support. All of these places and events help people feel connected to each other. Mike is also working on Youth Development, which he sees as an important part of making a community grow and prosper.

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New Local Annual Event: Christmas Wonder Park

On 15th December 2018, for the first time, we had a new local annual event. The Christmas Wonder Park was held in Barry Curtis Park. There were carols, a Christmas story walk-through, and entertainment stalls. Music performances, dance performances, community group stalls, and food stalls filled the area. I even organised a Howick Local Board stall where residents could meet myself and other local board members.

Burswood walkway and bridge repair completed


(This story is in process.)

This project has been completed. 

Burswood walkway and bridge repairs are finished.

Ormiston Family Market was a great idea that needs support


By Mike Turinsky

I immigrated myself in 2004 to Howick. I remember what it was like to be new and know the journey of immigrants. I want to see Kiwis and immigrants working together. Ormiston Family Market was a great idea, and I hope it can continue in 2019 and 2020.

I am currently advocating for this project.

Youth Development


By Mike Turinsky

I currently hold the Youth Portfolio and I truly believe, the more we do to support youth (and their families) in our community, the better life will be for all the residents within our area. A lot of issues affect youth (crime, transport, parks, amenities, job opportunities) just as much as everyone else. When youth are doing well, crime goes down. When youth are not doing well, crime goes up.

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