Communities are better when people feel connected to each other. We need places to meet our neighbours. We need parks with fantastic walkways. We need events that get us out of our homes and into the parks and open spaces. Mike Turinsky will continue to support events that connect our multi-cultural community. Mike continues to support events/activities happening in our community. This includes the new annual event: Christmas Wonder Park. In Burswood, Mike has been working on parks upgrades and the Burswood walkway and bridge repair. In Ormiston, Mike has been advocating for a continuation of the Ormiston Family Market. All of these places and events help people feel connected to each other.

Youth Development


By Mike Turinsky

I currently hold the Youth Portfolio and I truly believe, the more we do to support youth (and their families) in our community, the better life will be for all the residents within our area. A lot of issues affect youth (crime, transport, parks, amenities, job opportunities) just as much as everyone else.


When youth are doing well, crime goes down. When youth are not doing well, crime goes up. I often hear people complain about the youth of today. But I can tell you, among those teenagers are some of the brightest minds. If we keep them moving forward in their education, keep them busy in sports and other activities, keep providing entry level jobs and also university options, those teenagers will become the leaders of the next generation. Remember we were all teenagers once!


As part of my role on the local board, I work directly with the Youth Council, listening to their concerns. I have also advocated (and succeeded) in getting three major transport issues solved, that affect the safety of children and teenagers walking to and from school (see Transport). I have worked with the Greater East Tamaki Business Association to address youth employment for school leavers in our community. And the first project I worked on, of course was getting the lights on at the Barry Curtis rugby fields (see Parks). 


You may not know this, I have two jobs. I am a Howick Local Board member and also the CEO of a nonprofit trust that helps provide youth workers (mentors) to our local colleges. I actually work 10 hours/week as a youth worker at Botany Downs Secondary College and have fifteen years of experience in our community working with youth (See 20 years of pioneering service).

I will continue to be a strong advocate for projects that affect children, youth and families.

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