Mike Turinsky will continue to improve transport for the Botany subdivision. In his first 2 years on the Howick Local Board, Mike has worked to improve the safety of our roads and footpaths; including two major projects to provide safe crossings of students to local schools and a push to complete the footpaths along Ormiston Road near the Ormiston Town Centre. He is also providing strong advocacy for the completion of the Airport to Botany Rapid Transit, and for the AMETI public transport from Botany to Panmure.​​

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Transport Community Safety Fund goes to protect primary students in Flat Bush


In 2019, the Howick Local Board was given a $1 million Transport Community Safety Fund by Auckland Council. This fund is a "use it or lose it" fund, which means the local board must select projects to complete, or the money is returned to Auckland Council. Two projects were chosen, both in the Botany subdivision. In the end, the entire Transport Safety Fund is going to the Botany subdivision projects. 

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Transport Community Safety Fund goes to protect college students in Botany


Sometimes making big decisions takes too long in government. But I was a strong voice saying this is a project that can not wait. This area has been an area of concern for years, with Chapel Road becoming a very busy road. Crossing the road in front of Botany Downs Secondary College can be dangerous.

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Auckland Transport has agreed to build four new footpaths in Ormiston.


For over 2 years, even before I was elected to the Howick Local Board, I have been advocating for someone to create four footpaths in Flat Bush. All of these footpaths are needed to connect to the PAK'nSAVE supermarket. At the moment, residents have to either walk on the road or on the grass. During the rainy season, the grass can turn to mud.

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