In February 2017, I was elected to the Howick Local Board, in the Botany by-election. Since then I have continued to work hard for the local community.

I am also the CEO of a local youth development trust based in East Auckland, which helps to provide youth workers to Botany Downs Secondary College, Edgewater College, Howick College, and and Pakuranga College. For 12 years, I have also continued to be a youth mentor at Botany Downs Secondary, working direct with youth every week. ​

I am originally from Alaska. However, I moved here as an immigrant in 2004. I am married to Jewel and we have two sons (15 and 13). We are all now citizens of New Zealand. I have watched Botany turn from paddocks to houses. I want to see this area flourish, because it is in Botany (including Burswood, East Tāmaki, Flat Bush, Ormiston) that our community is growing by leaps and bounds. If we are going to end the housing crisis in Auckland, Botany is one area new houses are being built. I want this new community to have what it needs to make it successful. 

Why run as an independent?


I am standing (again) for the Howick Local Board as an independent because I truly believe we need less overt politics in local government. I have worked well with my fellow local board members and I am confident I can work with the next elected local board. But I feel having a level of independence on the board means I can be loyal to our residents, not loyal to a political ticket. Therefore, I can support any good idea, no matter who comes up with it. I have found not being aligned with a political ticket actually helps get important stuff done. I can represent the best interests of the community, not the interests of a political group.


As the newest elected member, I am pleased with what I have done. I feel I have a very strong record. I have only been on the board for 2 years and a few months, but I have accomplished quite a bit during that time.
I would be honoured if you would vote for me again, and allow me to serve our community three more years.

Mike and Simeon Plant Trees.jpeg

Mike Turinsky with Simeon Brown.

Mike Turinsky. Times photo Wayne Martin.

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