Mike Turinsky wants to see crime decline in our area. There are a lot of different things the Howick Local Board can do to reduce crime. Mike will continue to collaborate with police, crime watch patrols, and neighbourhood support teams. He is currently working with residents to clean up the viewpoint area of Point View Drive. He has supported the start up of a new Flat Bush Neighbourhood Support group. He is working on multiple ways to remove and prevent illegal dumping. And he is working on the creation of a Neet Streets programme for our community.

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Removal and Prevention of Illegal Dumping


By Mike Turinsky

For two years I have been advocating that something needs to change in our area around illegal dumping. Auckland City has ended the previous inorganic collection programme. We are now regularly seeing illegal dumping around the Botany subdivision. And most of it ends up on empty land plots and building sites. Our area has a lot of building sites and plots of empty land, so this is a massive issue, especially in Flat Bush and Ormiston.​​​

This problem of illegal dumping, lack of inorganic collection, and messy building sites is not going to be an easy fix. But there are things we can do. The first thing is, if you see illegal dumping call 0-800-NO-DUMP (that's 0800-663-867). Auckland Council is making illegal dumping a priority, with several cases leading to convictions. 

Second, when you need to get rid of items, please be wary of people coming onto your property, offering to take it away cheaply. Also beware of advertising on social media offering to take things away cheaply. A lot of these so-called companies are actually dumping these truck loads around our area. Any land with road access can become a dumping ground. Call to this hotline are acted on. 

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