Mike Turinsky wants to see crime decline in our area. There are a lot of different things the Howick Local Board can do to reduce crime. Mike will continue to collaborate with police, crime watch patrols, and neighbourhood support teams. He is currently working with residents to clean up the viewpoint area of Point View Drive. He has supported the start up of a new Flat Bush Neighbourhood Support group. He is working on multiple ways to remove and prevent illegal dumping. And he is working on the creation of a Neet Streets programme for our community.

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Cleaning up the Viewpoint on Point View Drive​​

By Mike Turinsky

Some problems are complex. There is a problem brewing up on Point View Drive. Boy racers are driving around in the middle of the night. Drug dealings and fights are disturbing the peace. And loads of rubbish is being left behind. There is a section of land at 178 Point View Drive that is becoming a nightmare for fellow residents. Within the weekly rubbish you will find beer bottles, cans, condoms, syringes, and a pile of fast food and takeaway boxes. 

I know what's up there because I organised the first of many cleanups of the area. In May 2019, we collected more than 78 bags of rubbish in one day. 

The problem is that a builder has bought the property and subdivided it (in 2013). But the project seems to have stalled. In the meantime, it has become a favourite party spot, with hundreds of cars parked there on the weekends. There are 7 to 8 sections that have yet to be developed and that empty ground, that now has paved access, is a problem.

People come up there to look at the view, eat, drink, take drugs, and leave behind their rubbish.

This problem is not solved at the moment. But I want you to know, I am working on it. And by showing Auckland Council, Auckland Transport, and the Howick Local Board how big the problem is, I am sure we can come up with a solution. 

In the meantime, we are organising cleanups of the area, working with police and having community strategy meetings. Some residents are also being proactive and picking up a bag of rubbish on their daily walks. I promise to keep working on this project until we reach a viable long term solution. Some solutions I am looking at is installing street lights, installing barriers and planting trees/plants on the berm to prevent illegal parking.

STATUS: This project is ongoing.

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