Mike will continue to improve transport for the Botany subdivision. In his first 2 years on the Howick Local Board, Mike has worked to improve the safety of our roads and footpaths; including two major projects to provide safe crossings of students to local schools and a push to complete the footpaths along Ormiston Road near the Ormiston Town Centre. He is also providing strong advocacy for the completion of the Airport to Botany Rapid Transit, and for the AMETI public transport from Botany to Panmure.​​

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Transport Community Safety Fund goes to protect college students in Botany


By Mike Turinsky

Sometimes making big decisions takes too long in government. But I was a strong voice saying this is a project that can not wait. This has been an area of concern for years, with Chapel Road becoming a very busy road. Crossing the road in front of Botany Downs Secondary College can be dangerous.

I met on site with the principal and deputy principal and we looked at the problem intersection together. Later I invited Auckland Transport out to see the intersection and to help them understand the problem and see if there was a solution.


The crossing is not fit for purpose and can not keep up with the amount of foot and vehicle traffic. I personally witnessed a student hit by a car, one day outside the college, and then I helped the student off the road. It is an experience I never want to see happen again. That student survived with only cuts and bruises, but I don't want another person hit by a car; especially if there is something we can do to make them safer.

I advocated strongly for this redesign project. Recently the Howick Local Board approved the redesign of the pedestrian crossing. It is a complicated fix, but its one we can't wait on. Funding for this project is coming from our Transport Community Safety Fund, money previously set aside by Auckland Council for such situations.

This project is not done, as the construction has yet to start. Funding is approved and plans are in the works.

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