Mike Turinsky wants to see crime decline in our area. There are a lot of different things the Howick Local Board can do to reduce crime. Mike will continue to collaborate with police, crime watch patrols, and neighbourhood support teams. He is currently working with residents to clean up the viewpoint area of Point View Drive. He has supported the start up of a new Flat Bush Neighbourhood Support group. He is working on multiple ways to remove and prevent illegal dumping. And he is working on the creation of a Neet Streets programme for our community.

Photo by Mike Turinsky

Neet Streets Programme

The "Neet Streets" programme will be implemented in the Howick Local Board area. Ōtara Lake and Waterways Trust achieved a similar plan with the help of the Ōtara-Papatoetoe Local Board. They brought multiple skip bins out for inorganic collection for people to recycle and properly dispose of inorganic material. 

We have to work together to reduce illegal dumping and educate people on protecting our environment. I am the Howick Local Board member that works with Ōtara Lake and Waterways Trust. I attend their meetings on behalf of the Howick Local Board. And I am also committed to making Botany and Flat Bush's building sites cleaner and better for our local waterways.

STATUS: This project is in the works.

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