Mike Turinsky wants to see the Botany subdivision have the same amenities as Howick and Pakuranga. One of the first projects Mike worked on was advocating for the installation of sports field lighting at Barry Curtis Park. Mike is currently advocating to bring forward​ the construction of the Aquatic Centre and Ormiston Library. He has worked to provide residents with regular Ormiston Town Centre updates. And Mike has advocated and achieved having an area-wide review of all Howick Local Board parks, so that those needing upgrades can be identified, repaired and updated.

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Getting the Lights on at Barry Curtis Park rugby fields


Since becoming a local board member, I have engaged with community and found that truly, many people in our community often feel isolated and not heard. The Botany subdivision is extremely multi-cultural, I see that as a strength not a weakness. But if we are going to work together, we have to know each other. We need events that draw us out of our households and into the parks and other venues. We need our children to be able to play sports, even in the winter-time. We need places to hang out and meet each other.


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Aquatic Centre and Ormiston Library​​


By Mike Turinsky


After years and years of talking about this, we are getting close to actually having an Aquatic Centre and Library in Ormiston. This has been named the "Top Advocacy Item" by the Howick Local Board in 2019. This means those of us elected to serve you, on the Howick Local Board, have robustly advocated to the Mayor and council to complete this project. I will continue to advocate that these projects keep moving forward, and looking for ways we as a board can help smooth out any bottlenecks in the process. And truly, we may see these projects completed in the next three to five years.


This is an exciting time to live in the Botany subdivision. Because once the Ormiston Town Centre, including the Aquatic Centre and Library are finished... we will also see a community that can also house 36,000 people. The Ormiston Town Centre will also provide many jobs to our community. That is the size of Gisborne! Please click here to watch a video about this. It is amazing we are so close to seeing this happen.

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Provide regular Ormiston Town Centre updates


By Mike Turinsky

Everywhere I go in the Botany subdivision, people ask me, when is the Ormiston Town Centre going to be finished? This is why I have linked two videos to this page (you can find them by clicking here for the first video and after that click here for the second video. We are very close to seeing these dreams become a reality.


While the Howick Local Board is not in charge of the project, I have made sure that regular progress reports are readily available to residents. I worked directly with Todd group to make sure their produced videos are seen, and that the Howick Local Board holds community information events for locals to be informed. I am also advocating on your behalf to remove any bottlenecks in the process. One example is that I have worked hard to get the footpaths installed around PAK'nSAVE (click here to read more). 

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The updates below are direct from the Ormiston Town Centre website....

24 JUNE 2019

The first concrete pour of what will be the floors of the New World supermarket is complete. 

The centre will have a strong focus on food and entertainment, featuring a dining lane, a quality food hall, a restaurant precinct, along with a HOYTS cinema complex.

29 APRIL 2019


A building currently under construction will house the HOYTS cinema complex and can be found on the first floor of the building. The ground level will include a number of exciting retail stores, and on the upper floor you will find a fitness centre. 

Other major tenants who have announced they will be joining Ormiston Town Centre are; The Warehouse and New World Supermarket.